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Preteen Ministry

Preteens are a unique group of kids wrapping up their childhood and moving into adolescence. This is a time in which all aspects of development are especially important. Our Preteen Ministry exists for the purpose of supporting preteens as they develop a strong foundation for a lifetime of commitment to Jesus and His church.  Fourth-Fifth graders meet together for activities and studies planned just for them. This includes Sunday morning Bible study, Wednesday night small groups, and regularly planned fun activities. As preteens move closer to adolescence, they begin to transition into our youth group. This occurs over the course of the 6th grade year so that this unique age group is fully supported by both our Children’s Ministry and our Student Ministry. Masonboro Baptist Church is a place that is engaging and fun for preteens at a time in their lives when almost everything is topsy-turvy.

Contact our Children’s Director, Patsy West to learn more about Masonboro Baptist Church’s ministry to preteens.