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Our Ministry Team

Rev. Wes Hunter

Senior Pastor

Wes is a Wilmington native who grew up right down the street from Masonboro Baptist Church. He graduated from UNC Wilmington, where he studied jazz guitar and finance and earned his Master’s of Divinity from the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University. Before being called as Senior Pastor, Wes served as Associate Pastor at Masonboro. Wes is married to Alexis and they have two boys, Mason and Banks, both of whom attend Noah’s Ark. Wes is excited about seeing the Kingdom of God come alive in the neighborhood. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family, running, and playing the guitar.

Mr. Marcus Garner

Contemporary Worship Leader & Director of Youth Ministries

Masonboro Baptist Church is blessed to have someone as unique as Marcus to lead our contemporary worship services. Marcus plays the guitar, sings, and leads our band with a genuine and kind-hearted spirit. He keeps youth ministry real by focusing not only on knowledge, but on what it means to live the Christian life in today’s world. The teenagers are easily able to relate to Marcus’s down-to-earth personality and big heart. Marcus enjoys gardening, particularly growing vegetables, as well as cooking and grilling. He also enjoys reading comic books handed down to him from his brother. While Marcus and his wife Leigh are both native Wilmingtonians, he would love to visit New York as well as visit parts of the country west of the Mississippi River. His motto is simple: work hard, live, and love- priorities he says he learned from his mother and grandmother. 

Miss Erin Cuellar

Traditional Worship Leader

Erin is a well rounded and talented young woman originally from Raleigh, NC. Her interests include a variety of athletic activities such as long distance running, paddleboarding, and swimming as well as musical pursuits including singing and playing the piano and guitar. She also enjoys quiet activities such as reading, writing, and making jewelry. Erin majored in Vocal Performance at UNC at Chapel Hill and is a licensed music teacher for New Hanover County Public Schools. She enjoys many types of music ranging from classical to classic rock to contemporary pop. This same love for diversity and appreciation of many genres is apparent in her list of favorite books which includes titles such as: I am MalalaA Tale of Two Cities, the Hunger Games trilogy, The Great Gatsby and The Chronicles of Narnia. Erin brings much to her position leading Masonboro’s Sanctuary Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, and Praise Team. Erin has a lifelong dream of being a contestant on “The Price is Right” where she might just be the winner of an amazing summer tour of Europe.